Companies don’t make brands. People make brands.

We create strategies that help people embrace brands.

We do it by putting people first.

We help business owners and brand executives increase awareness and foster brand advocacy by identifying, listening to, captivating and engaging their target audiences. We look at everything from infrastructure to sentence structure to help people enjoy a brand experience that will keep them coming back for more.

Focused. Collaborative. Inspired.

We’re not just entrepreneurial about our business, we’re entrepreneurial about our clients’ businesses. We help companies zero in on priorities and focus attention on whatever areas of the marketing mix will get them to their business goals in the fastest, least expensive and most impactful ways possible. From small copywriting projects to agency-of-record relationships, we’re proud of our work and our clients. We’re collaborative, and we value the opportunity to learn from our clients and help them forward their vision. The brand philosophies illustrated on this page are from clients past and present who inspire us to always reach for excellence.  


The JanMac in JanMacBrands is Jan MacLatchie, who calls herself the “Communicator in Chief” of her firm. Jan’s enthusiasm and drive have created success for premium brands in areas of design, fashion, hospitality and beauty. Her practice is thriving with brands on the roster including Michael Tavano Design/Marks & Tavano Workroom, Darrin Varden Design, Marks & Frantz Design, Adeeni Design Group, AKDO Tile & Stone, Crypton Fabric, Holiday House Design Show, Grohe, Joseph Carini Carpets and Mosa Tile. Before starting JanMacBrands she was Chief Strategy Officer at Artistic Tile, and previously worked in fashion and lifestyle marketing on the agency side at top firms.


Her agency-side experience includes everything from brand identity programs to merchandising strategy, annual reports to museum exhibitions, press trips to strategic marketing plans. Her career-long client list reads like a who’s who of international luxury lifestyle brands from Valentino, Ralph Lauren, Missoni, Paul Stuart and Hermes to the Hotel Crillon, Miele Appliances, Lenox, Welspun and Frette Fine Linens. An ability to quickly identify and thoroughly evaluate opportunities and apply solid marketing and business principles allow Ms. MacLatchie to propose and execute concepts that consistently forward brand objectives.

Thought Leader:

An effective sales-trainer and inspiring public speaker, Jan MacLatchie has been a featured speaker on branding and social media strategies for audiences of design professionals in major Design Centers and for professional organizations including the NKBA and the IIDF, and for design students at NYU. She has developed product lines, secured key licensing and spokesperson deals, created product launch programs, CEU courses, lead management tools and structured incentive programs for inside and outside sales teams.

A published writer, her by-line has appeared in major newspapers, national magazines, non-fiction books and textbooks. She has also ghost-written book treatments, forwards, chapters, and articles both for her clients and for major celebrities. (She can’t divulge who, that’s why they call it ghost-writing.)

Ms. MacLatchie has a rich network of contacts in the lifestyle market. This encompasses design professionals, publishers, editors, investors, marketing professionals and manufacturers. She has a passion for connecting people and brands to create new possibilities. She is keenly interested in furthering the goals of charitable organizations within the design industry, a pursuit which touches both her professional and personal life.

Partner Agencies & Resources:

We sometimes partner with other agencies and creative studios to create the perfect mix for our clients’ needs. And sometimes they partner with us to create the perfect mix for their clients’ needs. The result for our clients is that they enjoy the resources of a much larger agency and a multiple C-Suite level account team with the budget of a boutique shop. The result for us is that we get to have a blast doing what we love with people we deeply respect, including:

SpreadPR/The Juice Group/Miller Hamilton Companies