Social Media Campaign: Lenox Guest Bloggers

The Mix:

Talent Booking, Concept Development, Project/Styling Management & Copy Writing and Editing by JanMacBrands

The Assignment:

Create a design-focused social media campaign that provides over 55,000 Lenox Facebook followers with added value, take-away ideas, and promotes specific themes and products each month.

The Results:

By inviting notable design talents to create a new vision each month, JanMacBrands is able to provide fresh ideas for Lenox constituents, and create viral sharing of the concepts from Lenox’s facebook page and tumblr blog across the Internet. In November, 2012, the first month’s guest blogger, Patrick J. Hamilton, created a holiday table setting (shown above and below) that broke the record of “likes” for a design-related post on Lenox’s Facebook page. In addition, Patrick himself wrote two blog posts on his own blog and one on the design hub site Apartment Therapy, featuring the Lenox table setting.

The Team:

Photography, Post Production and Creative Direction by Linda Greene of Chillingworth Radding Inc. Table Concept, Styling and Copy Writing by Guest Designer/Journalist Patrick J. Hamilton

The Client:

Chillingworth Radding, Inc., Agency of Record for Lenox

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